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Ivies, thanks for stopping by to check out our products! Just in case you missed an item on the site; Ivy League Extensions has a large variety of Luxury Virgin hair in many different textures and lengths, beautiful 100% mink eyelashes, and precisely crafted custom wigs for that perfect fit. We strive to make sure our Ivies are 100% satisfied with not only our products, but our customer service as well. Ivies, we want you to feel even more fierce and fabulous after that lash or unit application than you’ve ever felt before. We welcome our clients to consult with an Ivy expert to find the perfect hair, lash or unit for their desired look.

Now Ivies, for those who love those natural twist out methods like we do, but know the hair from our roots won’t let us be great, you may want to consider our Harvard Coil Curl or Harvard Curly textures in a moderate length and pair it with our “Senior”, “Pupil”, or “Privileged” lashes, for a more natural finish. For those other occasions when your packing that swimsuit for that 2-day getaway or that beach vacation, make sure you’re packing our Harvard Curly or Harvard Deep Wave with a little length to it, 16’ and up, so those bundles and beach waves will be flowing together. Be sure to pair that with your favorite shades, sunscreen, and a few of our favorites, the “Prep”, “Alumni”, “Junior” and “Sophomore” lash as the perfect vacation necessities.

We haven’t forgotten about our Ivies who love the glitz and glam. Though, we know you can wear any of these textures and slay them effortlessly, our most worn textures by our glamorous Ivies are Harvard Straight, Harvard Wavy, and Harvard Curly paired with our “Elite” “Scholar” “Grad” “Honor” “Alumni” “Apprentice” “Rich” and “Rank” lashes, ready to SERVE! Prestige for our Ivies and our Ivies only.


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